Sunday, August 17, 2008

Week in Review

73 miles
1 massage
2 rental cars

Had I followed the prescribed schedule this week, I would've run right at 85 miles. As I type this on Tuesday morning, I'm actually kind of glad that I fell short. I'm of the personality type that always wants to do more or better than I did the previous week, and an 85-mile week would've set me up to keep attempting higher and higher mileage the next few weeks. Sounds good in theory, but I know my body's limits, and it would be too much. I do want to be a bit higher than 73--closer to 80 is ideal--but I'm comfortable with not exceeding that, at least for the remainder of this month.

The positives from this week: two solid, though not spectacular, workouts AND a massage. My hamstring is starting to get tight again, but Jordan wailed on it Sunday night, so I hope to see some immediate improvements. The negatives: the two intense workouts plus the front-loaded mileage and travel had me very tired by Sunday. I'm traveling again this weekend to Seattle and Oregon to run on a Brooks team for the Hood to Coast relay, and I hope I'm able to turn in a solid performance. Two weekends in a row of experiencing a different training environment will be refreshing as well.

Nine weeks and counting.