Tuesday, August 19, 2008

A Jilane Kind of Day

25 min. w/u (3+ miles)
Target: 2k in 7:30 (w/800m rest), mile in 5:55 (400m rest), 1200m in 4:21 (400m), 1k in 3:35 (400m), 800 in 2:44 (200m), 600 in 2:08 (200m), 400 in 65 (200m), 200 fast (collapse on track)
Actual: 2k in 7:33 (800m), mile in 5:59 (400m), 1200 in 4:22. Kicked off the track.
23 min. c/d (3 miles)
Total: 10 miles

After a lower mileage weekend and a lackluster run yesterday, I was really hoping for a solid workout this morning. But, alas, it was not to be. Unfortunately the combination of arriving home at midnight last night, plus needing to catch up on office work, plus having a 9:30am conference call resulted in me not even heading out to the track until after 10. At this point it was dreadfully hot and humid (not sure where last week's mild weather went), and I was feeling sluggish and thirsty before the workout even started.

That said, I ran the first few intervals decently, but could tell I was losing steam quickly. My fatigue dovetailed nicely with the arrival of the world's largest PE class. That's right, high school is back in session here in this glorious state, and apparently they're trying to induce heat exhaustion on all their students. That's the only logical explanation for why a coach would bring a class of 50 15-year-old kids out to the track in the middle of the day in August. Now don't get me wrong, I'm all for that, but at least have the courtesy to wait until I'm done wogging. For a millisecond I entertained the idea of continuing the workout on the AO, but I knew it would only go downhill and I wasn't up for the humiliation. If I'm gonna go to the well this week, I'd rather it be during Hood to Coast. Would've loved to double this evening, but I had a work event from 5 to 9, so I'm hoping to catch up on mileage during the back half of the week.

Oh, by the way, the title is her words, not mine. =)


Jilane said...

I not only support but encourage the attachment of my name to a workout gone wrong.