Sunday, August 31, 2008

Sunday at the River

88 mins.
12 miles

For the fourth day of the last five, I ended up at
the river for today's run. Dad was supposed to do 12 and I was attempting 16, so we both agreed that the flat soft surface would be best. I jogged the first 5k loop with him before we parted ways, he to continue around the loop and me to venture out onto Columns Drive. Since the road isn't marked I'm not sure of any splits, but I sure felt like I was hammering. The only mile I timed was the 11th, which was back on the dirt loop, and I went through the marker right at 6:50. At that point I decided to shut it down because my legs were extremely fatigued--undoubtedly still not recovered from Friday's long-ish run--so I wogged back to the car to wait for my dad to finish. My legs have felt tight and heavy all week and I'm hoping to get a massage ASAP. Hopefully the sweet potato pancakes I ate at Highland Bakery (not to mention half of Jeff's peanut butter french toast) will help replenish my glycogen levels.

Me and my parents outside Highland Bakery after brunch
I look gross and I swear my nose isn't that big in real life.