Friday, August 29, 2008


1 hour 46 mins.
14+ miles

Since my training has been rather haphazard all week, I decided to further confound things by running long on Friday instead of the weekend. Meredith's parents were coming into town, as were mine, and we both wanted to get it out of the way before family time. With that in mind, I met her and Jim at 7am at the Cochran Shoals parking lot and we set off. The humidity was up but temps were quite cool. As this was my third day in a row to run in the hilly and technical trails, my legs were quite exhausted by the end of the run. This may've only been 14 but it felt like 20. That said, it was great to get my long-ish effort out of the way. Driving to the river three days in a row is a bit excessive, but to be honest it's well worth it to have company each day and to rack up ~35 miles on soft surfaces.


tyler said...

just have to attack the vp pick don't ya.