Sunday, August 17, 2008

Lazy Sunday

72 mins.
10+ miles

In stark contrast to yesterday, today was filled with...a whole lot of nothing. I am not exaggerating when I say we did not move at all from when we awoke circa 8am until just after 2pm. We got more than our fill of Olympic equestrian jumping (or whatever they call it), badminton, table tennis, trampolining, soccer, and several others that I'm sure I'm leaving out. Finally our feelings of lethargy, exacerbated by my increasing hunger levels, motivated us to actually get up and be functioning members of society for a few hours. We made a mad dash to the grocery store, arrived home in time to watch the mens 10,000m race, and then continued to procrastinate our run for a bit longer. Actually, we were in sort of an unspoken contest with Jilane to see who could put it off the longest.

By the time 6pm rolled around, we knew we had to get out the door. I had 14 miles "hard" on tap and was sure from the outset that that wasn't happening. Instead we routed a 10-mile loop from Campus Lodge through the streets of Norman, keeping a fairly uptempo pace the whole time, and then closed the last two miles in under 6:40 pace. I felt decent for an evening run, but not spectacular by any means, and felt moderately guilty for cutting yet another day's run (and my weekly mileage) short.

I blame Jordan. Obviously.


Jilane said...

I was at a serious disavantage in that competition... being on the east coast and all. But I put up a very good fight in the worthless Sunday game.

As such, my furniture is still not assembled.