Sunday, June 21, 2009

Week in Review

64-65 miles
2 actual core sessions
1 glorious night in Enid
3 lovely companions for my Sunday run
1 averted dog attack

After spending such a great weekend with friends, it seems like the rest of the week doesn't really matter. I did get in a few semi-workouts and some solid recovery runs, but honestly the best part of this week was just having good times with good peeps. So, with that in mind, I think the best way to approach this "week in review" is to throw out a few memorable quotes/events from our wedding weekend festivities:

  • Participating in an Andre lightning round at the local park before the wedding reception (Holly: "Aren't they going to wonder where half the wedding party is?")
  • Jilane losing a bet to the Ghostbusters guys at the bar (Saker: "Oh look, Jilane's over there with the guys who are about to roofie her.")
  • Jilane, Jess and Scotty running 3.75 miles back to the Holiday Inn after leaving the flip 1am...Scotty still wearing his rented tux.
  • Aja and Jilane destroying their back tire after running over an entire cinder block on I-35, then proceeding to change said tire whilst resting their knees on a yoga mat.
  • Me begging Jordan to change clothes before going into Wal-Mart while he was wearing running shorts, casual shoes and Logan's old "Got your the gun show?" t-shirt. (Me: "Babe, you look so trashy." Jordan: "Seriously?? We're at Wal-Mart!")
  • Our waiter at On the Border, upon recognizing Jordan as the OKC Marathon winner: "Hey man, it was awesome serving you today." (Me: "Yeah, I think the same thing every day when I'm picking up his dirty clothes and washing his dishes.")
If I'm leaving anything out, do feel free to add on. =)


Jilane said...

- Kristi's suggestion to leave the cars at Enid's finest liquor store's parking lot.

- 8-year-olds catching both the boquet and the garter.

- Cat and Stu leave the church to JT's "My Love."

- "My brain don't work too well in the mornings."

- Stu's finest White Urkel impression as a young boy.

I'm going to stop here... but... yes... great success.

Coach Gaudette said...

I want to date Jordan