Sunday, June 7, 2009

Week in Review

66-67 miles
2 days in Ohio
1 day in Ft. Worth
4 hours of valet parking
2 new running friends

Another solid week of training in the books, minus Tuesday's botched workout, and I'm feeling pretty fit headed into next weekend's race. To be honest, not being eligible for any prize money really takes the pressure off; instead I'm just out there to run hard and put in a good effort. Obviously I would like to run a PR and somewhat redeem myself for a lackluster outdoor season, but whether I do or don't it's not going to drastically impact my life.

Both Scott and Jeff have advised that I take some time off after the half, but as I was telling Jordan the other day, I've really enjoyed getting into a routine and establishing some consistency. I'm hoping to find a few other pursuits to divert my attention for the rest of the summer, including but not limited to tennis and perhaps something yoga-esque. For now, it's time to focus for one more week and hope for the best.