Sunday, June 14, 2009

Week in Review

53 miles
13.1 miles in Joplin
8 hours in the PT Cruiser
3 days with family
10 (at least) cookies

Me, Jerry, Jordan and some other unimportant people at the start
of yesterday's race

Well, there's not much to say about this week that hasn't already been recapped in Saturday's race entry. I'm neither pleased nor upset about my race performance, not satisfied but not terribly disappointed either. I simply did the best I could given the conditions at hand, and "the best I could" just wasn't that great. I'm still glad I put in some quality training over the past month, glad I ran the race and most of all glad I had the opportunity to spend some long-overdue quality time with family. If nothing else, I've come away with a better grasp of my long division skills thanks to Preston's mathematic acuity.

As I've mentioned before, both Scott and Jeff have advised that I "rest" between now and August. To that I would say, have either of them ever met me?? So while I'm taking their instructions under advisement, I'm not making any steadfast promises. I may even have a super secret race on tap in a few weeks, but without any solid information I'm hesitant to say more. I suppose the best part of my race experience this weekend is that I've come away from it eager to improve and to become a "serious" runner again, and that's a good feeling.