Monday, June 8, 2009

Dear Splashpad Manager, You Suck.

57 mins.
8 miles

Jordan suggested we get in some "heat training" by running later in the morning today, which I agreed to on the condition that we could finish up the run at the Andrews Park splashpad. He was happy to comply, so shortly after 10:30 we hit the roads. By two miles in, Jordan said out loud what I had been thinking: "My legs feel the best they've felt in at least four days." Sure enough, both of us felt quite peppy, to the point where the pace dipped below 7:00 without me noticing. I'm usually more in the 7:10-7:20 range on easy runs, but today the pace came easily.

Just over halfway through our run, we came up on Kristi at the corner of Chatauqua and Timberdell. Stopping to talk to her for a few minutes was the perfect excuse to enjoy a respite from the 80+ degree temps, but eventually we set off again. I could sense my excitement mounting as we passed through campus and headed in the direction of the park. I could almost feel the cool and refreshing water from the splashpad and was literally counting down the minutes until we got there. Imagine, then, my chagrin when we arrived only to discover that it was OUT OF ORDER. Yes, that's correct. The splashpad was splash-less. To say I was devastated would be like saying that Jeff likes to take his shirt off at parties: a gross understatement.

Dear splashpad manager, you suck.