Saturday, June 27, 2009

Canada, Eh?

30 mins.
4 miles

After a seemingly endless day of travel, which commenced when I left Main Street at 6:30am and ended when I finally arrived at the Sheraton Wall Center over eight hours later, I had little desire to strap on the kicks. However, I knew I needed to sh
ake out the legs and the weather was perfect--60 degrees with a light breeze--so away I went.

View of the Vancouver waterfront

Within five minutes of leaving the hotel I found a bike/jogging path that ran parallel with the waterfront. It afforded a great view, and I took the path almost all the way to Stanley Park before turning around. If I had one complaint--which, of course, I do--it's that the whole place was super crowded, and I spent half the run zigging and zagging in between groups of people while trying not to collide with other groups of people. Guess that's what I get for heading out at 5pm on a Saturday. That said, it was great to see so many people out enjoying the beautiful afternoon. I also liked hearing snippets of conversations, many being held in languages other than my own; based on what I've seen so far, Vancouver seems to be a pretty cosmopolitan city. I dig it.

Gun time is 7am tomorrow for the Scotiabank Half Marathon. Myself, my dad, his running partner Tim and Tim's wife Pam will all be toeing the line with about 5000 Canucks. Wonder if anyone else in the race hails from Norman, OK? So far the weather forecast is showing sunshine and temperatures in the mid to upper 50's; perfect running weather. I'm excited to experience what their Web site humbly boasts as "the most scenic half-marathon you'll ever run."