Monday, June 22, 2009

Shady Sutton

58 mins.
8 miles

Okay, so I promise not to dwell on the weather every single day...but, the 5-day forecast is indicating 100-degree temps on tap from now until Friday. The "lows" at night barely hover at 80. So just bear in mind that when I describe us going on an "easy" run, it's likely more difficult for me than I'd like to admit, owing to the fact that it's virtually impossible to stay cool and even more so to prevent dehydration. Ugh.

With that out of the way, Jordan and I enjoyed an "easy" run to Sutton Woods today. Two days in a row of soft surfaces felt great on the legs and feet, and I was extremely grateful for the shade provided for most of this run.

Also, at this point I can share that I will be venturing to a much more agreeable climate this weekend, as I am rendezvousing with my parents in Vancouver, BC for a few days of their vacation. I can also spill the beans about my "secret" race, which is the Scotiabank Half Marathon that I will be running with me pops on Sunday. If all goes according to plan, I hope to put in a hard effort and redeem myself for my lackluster showing in Joplin a few weeks ago. If things aren't clicking I can always dial it back a notch and cruise with my dad. Hopefully the flatter, faster course and cooler weather (average temps this time of year are mid 50s to low 70s) will facilitate a much more enjoyable race experience.