Monday, June 29, 2009

Cross-Training and Sightseeing

45 mins. ellip.
15 mins. core

As predicted, I woke up this morning with my fair share of aches and pains, the most insistent of which was my lower right leg. Somewhere around mile 10 of the race I began to feel the beginnings of a horrendous blood blister on the metatarsal head between my first and second toe, so I inadvertently spent the rest of the race trying to avoid it. Naturally, I also favored the outside of my foot for the entire two-mile walk home after the race, which certainly didn't help. At any rate, I was content to take the day off from running and instead pay a visit to the hotel fitness center.

The majority of the afternoon was spent sightseeing with my parents, which was nice and relaxing (although not nearly as relaxing as the one-hour massage I got later at the spa across the street--thanks Dad!). Vancouver is truly a beautiful city, very clean and lush with greenery, and of course the expansive mountain and water backdrop serve to complete the picture. It's too bad I have to go home tomorrow, because I could definitely grow accustomed to this.