Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Double?? Who Does That?

AM: 59 mins.
8 miles
PM: 32 mins. + 4x100m strides
4.5-5 miles

Jordan and I got a late start this morning, so he only had time to run four miles before getting ready for work. Since I don't have such responsibilities, I opted to continue running and mosey up to OK Runner where I could retrieve my car once he brought it. The ~2 miles up Robinson into a stiff headwind were a real treat, as were the sweltering temps, but fortunately Jordan was waiting for me outside OK Runner with cold water and a towel. See, he can be nice sometimes.

In the evening I reaaaally didn't want to double, mostly because I was hungry (and lazy), but Jordan had promised Scotty that he would put in a few minutes with him after Scotty closed up shop at 7:00. Not wanting to sit around and be bored by myself, I reluctantly joined in, but I have to say I'm very glad I did. Not only was it cooler, less humid and less windy than 12 hours prior, but my legs felt fantastic. The boys jumped into some in-and-out laps as soon as we hit the Norman High track, but I opted to kick off my shoes and run barefoot on the Astroturf infield instead. I absolutely love the feeling of running barefoot--it always makes me feel strong and healthy--and tonight I was consciously grateful for every step. It was only a few months ago that it took me 10 excruciating minutes to put on my right shoe because my foot hurt so badly, but tonight there was absolutely no trace of my old injury. I capped things off with some barefoot strides/buildups on the football field and loved every step.