Thursday, June 18, 2009


AM: 58 mins.
8 miles
PM: 2 miles

For whatever reason, I just wasn't feeling it this morning. My legs weren't sore or even particularly tired but just felt very flat, and by five miles I was completely over this run. Decided to see if I could loosen things up a bit in the evening since Jordan was doubling anyway. He had four on tap but I held myself to two, largely comprising some grass loops around Andrews Park.

Also of note, I received the remainder of my summer training from Coach Simmons and I'm eager to get to work. It looks like the mileage will stay fairly consistent with what I've been doing, which is good, but the intensity will drop back significantly. Most of my workouts will be based on effort and will consist of shorter, fartlek-type sessions. The plan is to return to Charlotte in mid-August with a solid base of fitness and fresh legs.