Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Boomtown Half Marathon Pre-Race

21 min. w/u (~3 miles)
Target: 2xmile @6:00-6:10 w/3 mins. rest; 2x400@72-76
Actual: 5:56, 6:00, 74.4, 73.6
18 min. c/d (2+ miles)
Total: 8 miles
Wind: 16mph gusting to 22mph

Today's pre-race "workout" was a nice, relaxed session aimed at finding race pace and turning the legs over a few times. It would've been a breeze (pun intended) had it not been so, well, breezy outside. Having the wind in our face on the final turn and half of the home straight meant that it was never really at your back, but fortunately today's intervals were designed to be pretty easy regardless.

Three minutes is a considerable amount of rest when you're not particularly fatigued from the intervals in the first place (considering I ran 4xmile on Friday at a quicker pace with 1/3 of the rest), but I tried to keep it honest by following Jordan and Scotty's lead and jogging a lap between each. This meant I had less than a minute of standing around once I got back to the start line while sneaking in a bit of extra time on the feet. Also--and I realize this is sad--I was quite pleased with how relaxed I felt on the 400s, given that I haven't run a single step faster than 80-second pace since before I got injured.

Nothing but easy running on tap between now and Saturday.