Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Happy Birthday, Jordan! Now Go Rent a Car.

59 mins. + 4x10 sec. hill sprints
8 miles

When Jordan and I landed at DFW after our early morning flight, we were greeted by an unexpected text from Craig saying we didn't have to come in to work. With the day suddenly wide open, we decided to make an impromptu trip to Ft. Worth and visit a few friends, namely
my great friend and former running partner Cindy. She just gave birth to a baby girl a week ago and I was excited to pay her and Eloise Grace a visit.

After hanging out at her house for a bit, Jordan and I decided to go for a run. She lives near Rivercrest Country Club and the Trinity River Trails that I'm so familiar with (and, more importantly, had graciously offered us food, beverage and shower after the run) so we set off with the goal of getting in an hour on our feet and a few hill sprints up the infamous Hidden Road.

The day was warm and humid but thankfully overcast, and we enjoyed winding around on the golf course, through the neighborhoods and along the crushed gravel path of the trail. We finished up with the hill sprints and a few more loops on the golf course before heading back to Cindy's. After visiting with her for a few more hours, we went to pay a quick visit to another friend and former running buddy Cabe and his four-legged friend Quest. We capped off the day with a spontaneous dinner meeting with Aja in Ardmore before finally returning to Norman. What a great day, and such a special treat to see so many familiar faces

Meet Eloise Grace Craine and her proud mom Cindy

Oh yeah, and it's Jordan's birthday. He can now rent a car and do all sorts of other big-boy things.