Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Farewell to Canadia

67 mins.
8-8.5 miles

I was up and on my feet early this morning to put in a few miles before heading to the first of many airports. I ventured back down to the seawall where I'd run the day before the race, heading out and back in just about 32 minutes. Once back at the hotel I met up with my dad and Tim, who were hoping to put in a short jaunt as well, so we set off at a relaxed pace for the rest of the run.

Pedestrian path along the seawall

To break things up a bit, I suggested we head out over the Burrard Street bridge (which had been my nemesis on Sunday) and over to Granville Island, a touristy but nice area filled with restaurants, street vendors, a farmers market and other shops. Taking a spin around the island and returning to the hotel put us at almost exactly four miles, which made it a perfect point to finish up the run.

My (least) favorite bridge in all of Vancouver

The rest of my day was spent airport hopping, as I enjoyed some quality time in YVR (yay for customs), Denver and DFW before finally returning home to Norman just before 10pm. Vancouver '09 was a rousing success, and I hope to go back again sometime soon.