Sunday, August 22, 2010

Week in Review

60 miles
3 workouts
1 day off
700 kids at McAlpine
1 visit to Dr. Greenapple

As I said in Sunday's entry, this week represented both an increase and a decrease; a decrease in the number of miles run, but an increase in the pace and quality of those miles. As I gain strength and fitness I would like to see an increase in both. For now, however, I need to work on sufficiently rehabbing this foot and making sure nothing else crops up. I certainly owe a big shout-out to the folks at Greenapple Sports & Wellness for everything they've done over the past week--heck, over the past year--to keep me up and running. They're always able to work me in even at a moment's notice and I consistently leave feeling better than when I arrived.

Looking ahead to next week, I've got the Greek Fest 5k on tap for Saturday. Though I've never run the race before, it is widely known as the fastest and flattest 5k in Charlotte. With a little help from the terrain, the impending cooler weather and the added push from special race participant Pezz, I'm hoping to turn out a respectable time. After that, it's time to shift my focus to the US 5k Champs in Providence!


caitchris said...

want me to pace you for the last mile? ha!