Friday, August 20, 2010


AM: 74 mins. (10 miles)

Let me preface this entry by saying I am not opposed to getting up early. As the past few months have indicated, rising before the sun and hitting the pavement by 6am is becoming routine. So when Jordan said he planned to get up and meet Paul et al. at the Providence Day track for an early workout, I thought it sounded like a great opportunity for me to join them and then head down to the trail.

Then Jordan set his alarm. For 4am. And just like that, I was out.

Instead, I slept until the indulgent hour of 7am and ran 10 miles solo around Myers Park. After that I headed to work for 10 hours to prepare for tomorrow's first annual Kickin' Grass Cross Country Challenge and Cookout Classic. That's right, RFYL is putting on a pre-season xc meet and I'm in charge. Pretty scary, on several fronts. It looks like we have 18 teams who will to bring a total of 700 kids, to whom we plan to feed hot dogs and sell spikes and otherwise entertain. At this point it is equally likely to be awesome or disastrous, so keep your fingers crossed for me!


Jilane said...

Kickin' Grass. I like it.

I also approve of the snooze button.