Wednesday, August 11, 2010

The Scientific Method

AM: 64 mins. (8.5 miles)
PM: 30 mins. (3.5 miles)

After yesterday's 800 session I was in the mood for a super slow medium loop today. Luckily Jenna, Caitlin, Danielle and our male bodyguard Jordan were happy to comply. In the evening I headed over to the Queens sports complex on Tyvola to help Coach Simmons out with a body temperature study he's doing. I don't want to reveal all his secrets, but basically he is exploring the cooling effects of a substance similar to dry ice, specifically when being held in hand. For my part I had to jog around the soccer turf for 30 minutes holding what looked like small hairspray cans and stopping every 10 minutes to have my temperature taken (in the ear, thankfully). The turf was so lush and pristine that I almost felt guilty wearing shoes, so after the first break I chucked them to the side and reveled in the feel of the soft surface on my bare feet for the remainder of the run.

I returned home to find Tweedle Dee and Tweedle Dum, aka Jordan and his boss Paul, drinking beers and "working" in the living room. Paul is in town traveling with Jordan for a few days and we've really enjoyed his company. For his final night we walked over to Duckworth's for a few pints (them) and sweet potato fries (me). It was a great way to cap off the evening and Paul's visit to the Queen City.