Saturday, August 14, 2010


Saturday, 8/14
AM: 1 hour 26 mins. (11.5-12 miles)

Friday, 8/13
AM: 63 mins. (8 miles)

Normally I wouldn't take the time to go to McAlpine two days in a row (and, in fact, after tomorrow's long run it will be three in a row), but I've had a bit of a niggle in my right foot the past few days and I want to keep confined to soft surfaces as much as possible. I don't think it's anything serious, either tendinitis or perhaps some irritation from slogging out Tuesday's 800s on the trail, but regardless I want to nip it in the bud. In any event, both of these runs were made enjoyable by the company; Friday it was Jenna and Patricia, a Queens runner, and Saturday it was Paul, Spada, Justin and Jason.

Speaking of Jenna, the time has come to pass al
ong her exciting/disappointing news: she has accepted a position as the assistant track and field coach at High Point University. It's exciting because she will be moving up to a D1 program and will have the opportunity for hands-on coaching with the women's team, but it's disappointing because she is one of my favorite peeps in Charlotte and I will miss our runs and chats and lounge sessions on the couch. Fortunately High Point is less than 90 minutes away so I hope that means we will still see each other frequently.

As a sendoff of sorts, Jenna joined about 75 of her closest running friends at the CRC social on Saturday night at Thomas Street Tavern. Fun times were had by all (maybe a little too much fun for some folks to handle) and it was great to see what people look like when they're not sweaty and swathed in spandex. (Unless that happened later in the night. I left pretty early.)

L to R: Alice, me, Caitlin, Jenna
Also, a special shout-out to Alice who joined the sub-18 club at this
morning's Rock 'n Run 5k!