Saturday, August 21, 2010

Kickin' Grass XC Challenge

Day Off

Every once in a while a forced day off is just what you need. This was certainly true for me today. Logistically it would've been virtually impossible for me to run, and I'm pretty sure my foot thanked me for it.

The morning started when my alarm went off at 5 on the dot. Begrudgingly I acknowledged that hitting snooze was not an option. I needed to be at the main entrance of McAlpine in just over an hour to begin setting up for what I hoped would be the greatest cross-country event of all time. (By that, I mean that my goals were: no broken bones, no drownings in the pond, no food poisoning from the hot dogs, etc.)

Simply put, from the moment I arrived until we broke down at noon, I was running around like crazy. So while I technically didn't "run" today, I'd be willing to bet I got in at least a mile. There was the time I had to run back to my car for a camera, and the other time I had to run up to the park offices on a quest for Band-Aids, and that one time I had to run after a coach to get his signature on something. Hosting almost 700 runners, their coaches and their parents is no easy task, and today my appreciation for race directors everywhere increased tenfold. The amount of work that goes on behind the scenes is immense, and rarely do any of the participants realize that unless something goes wrong. Fortunately everything went smoothly today and everyone seemed to enjoy themselves, which makes this a resounding win in my book.

Though I wish I could say my work day was over when the last team left McAlpine, in reality it was just beginning. The next six hours consisted of unloading the truck back at the store, working the floor for a few hours and unpacking box after box of product. I needed a shower worse than if I'd just finished a marathon, but unfortunately for everyone I encountered that afternoon I wasn't able to indulge in one until I arrived home around 5:30. Could I have gone running then? Perhaps. Did I contemplate the idea for even one second? No way. All I wanted was a glass of wine or four and a relaxing evening with friends, which is just what the evening had in store. The first annual Kickin' Grass XC Challenge was successfully in the books.