Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Early Week Runs

Tuesday, 8/3
AM: 66 mins. (9 miles)
15 mins. core

Monday, 8/2
AM: 10.5 miles
PM: 4 miles

Apologies to all my loyal readers (i.e., my dad) for falling behind this week in blogging. I've recently started doing marketing full time at Run For Your Life so I've been working what most people would consider to be normal hours. In addition to running and trying to finish up this summer class my time has been pretty well occupied! (Sorry, Dad, I know that's no excuse. You raised me better than this.)

So, as far as I can remember as I'm typing this six days later, these runs were unremarkable. I do remember that Tuesday morning was with Jenna, who is freshly returned from her summer in Arizona and Hawaii. She hasn't been running much the past few weeks and was looking for a pretty easy pace, but the conversation and the lower than usual temps helped pass the time quickly.

A few other items of note: 1) I'm famous. 2) I found out on Tuesday that I got accepted by the NC division of USATF to represent their "Athlete Development Program" at the US 10 Mile Championships on October 3rd. I'm pretty excited because they're paying for almost all of my travel and lodging expenses as well as my race entry. I'm even more excited because this will be the same day as the Twin Cities Marathon that Caitlin and Megan Hovis are running, so I'll be there to cheer them on after my race! (And, of course, join them for the post-race celebration festivities.) On that note, it's time to seriously start getting in shape. I have no interest in embarrassing myself in the elite section of the race in t-minus eight weeks.


Anonymous said...

In an unrelated coincidence, the other day I commented on Jordan's blog about how he might want to shoot for the US Olympic trial championships - Top 10 at the championships and a 2:22 qualifies one for the marathon trials. And since you're going to be there now... Am I the only person seeing the stars aligning here?