Monday, June 30, 2008

A Case of the Mondays

63 mins
8+ miles

Today was a great morning to run, unusually cool (low 70s) and overcast. I ran through Crestwood to the levee, ran down to the White Settlement bridge, back on the levee and up Hidden Road (last time up that beeotch of a hill!) and to Rivercrest. Since it's probably my last time on the golf course, and since the course is closed to golfers on Mondays, I decided to extend my time there and meander around for a few miles.

As I was running, my mind wandered to all the various people I've run with on the golf course over the years. Some of them I'm still close with, others I haven't seen in quite a while, but all of them were important people in my life at some point. Almost instinctively, I found myself offering up a prayer of thanks for each of these people and for everything they've meant to me. By the time I made it home I was bawling, which I'm sure provided some entertainment and/or confusion for the innocent passersby. No time for tears once I was home, as I had to get ready for the movers' arrival.

Age to age and heart to heart
Bound by grace and peace
Child of wonder, child of God
I'll remember you.
Remember me.