Monday, June 16, 2008

Starting Off

46 mins.
~6 miles

Today was Jilane's and my first day on Jeff's training schedule, and can we please talk about how excited I am to finally have a purpose to my training?? Until today, when various friends/family/accounts have asked, "So what are you training for?" or "How has your training been going?" my standard response has been, "I'm doing a lot of yoga." I feel like that succinctly sums up the general apathy I've been feeling toward running lately. However, ever since Jordan and Jilane and I have been talking about MCM (and cajoling/bribing/threatening Owen into joining us), I've been eager to get started with an actual training program.

Today's run was just six miles easy, no biggie, which was welcome because a) I didn't get home from Atlanta until 11am, which meant my run would be during the heat of the day, b) my legs were pretty trashed from the hills and long-ish runs I'd done in the ATL all weekend and c) I would be participating in (read: suffering through) my first track workout in years the following day.

So I left from my aparment around noon and did the "mini-loop" on the levee, ran up Hidden Road hill, and meandered on Rivercrest golf course for a bit before heading back home. The course is closed for maintenance on Mondays, which meant I had free run of the place. The heat and humidity ranged from unbearably stifling to completely oppressive, but luckily the run was short and easy enough.