Friday, June 20, 2008

Levee Workout

3x2mi @ MP (6:52 for 3:00)
800m wog in between
~11 miles

Started the run with an 18 min. warm-up through the cemetery and down to the closest mile marker on the levee. My legs felt pretty tight at the start and I had no idea how the pace would feel. Since the trail is only marked at the miles, with no intermediate markers, I had to do the workout largely on feel (which can be a challenge when the legs feel equally tight at 7:30 pace or 6:30 pace). I nearly fell over with shock when I split the first mile in exactly 6:52. Second mile was 6:45 to finish the first interval in 13:37. After a 4:00 wog, jumped into the second interval and split 6:45, 6:38 (13:23). I expected my legs to be nice and loose by the third interval, but to my frustration they felt equally rigid throughout the entire run. My left hamstring in particular felt pretty stiff as I started the third interval. Hit the first mile marker in 6:34 and closed in 6:36 (13:10), then cooled down 15 minutes in Crestwood.

Overall, I was pleased with the gradual progression of the run, and pleased that the third interval didn't feel much harder than the first. I could use a serious deep-tissue massage though, especially in my hamstrings and glutes. Any takers?