Sunday, June 29, 2008

Sunday Long-ish

10+ miles

After an uncharacteristically late night, I got an even later start on the run than usual. Not what I was hoping for. Fortunately, a storm rolled through earlier this morning, leaving overcast skies and temps in the 70s for most of the run. The humidity was pretty out of control, though, and I looked like I'd jumped in a swimming pool by the end of the run.

I started at a fairly easy pace, heading south on Bailey to University and then jumping on the trail in Trinity Park. I ran down to the Courtyard Marriott mile marker, turned around, and took the trail all the way back to the cemetery. After running six miles at what felt like 7:20-7:30 pace, I tried to squeeze it down for the next three. Split those in 6:53, 6:47 and 6:40. I thought about extending it to the next mile marker but my legs felt pretty tight (left hamstring in particular, big shock there) and I didn't want to push too hard. Jogged home 10 minutes through the cemetery.

Overall, a solid run, which I'm again crediting to the Lindeman's I drank last night. Not in the shower this time.