Thursday, June 19, 2008


AM: 50 mins, ~7 miles on treadmill
1 hour yoga
PM: 25 mins, 3+ miles

I was supposed to do a 6 mile cut-down of sorts with Cindy, but I awoke to torrential thunderstorms that persisted throughout the morning. I resigned myself to doing the run on the gym treadmill before yoga instead. Treadmills are stupid and I was frustrated with the entire situation, so after a very easy mile or so I just set it on 2% incline and 7:20 pace and held it there. Finished at a round 50 mins and headed to yoga, which was intense. I will honestly miss this challenging class and instructor when I move, and I hope to find a decent studio in the Highlands that won't cost me $5000 a month.

The storms cleared by noon, leaving the afternoon hot and muggy. I headed out for my second wog around 5pm. I planned to stay in the tree-lined streets of Crestwood to keep cool, and ended up unwittingly fashioning a loop that took me exactly 25 mins to complete. Just about perfect. I felt unusually decent for an evening run, and I'm looking forward to my workout in the morning.