Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Grass Track Workout

25 min w/u (3+ miles)
8x800 at 10k pace (adjusted for GT) w/2:00 recovery:
3:03, 3:03, 3:03, 3:00, 3:01, 3:00, 3:00, 2:57
21 min c/d (3 miles), 15 mins stretching
Total: ~12 miles

Today's workout was designed to be 8x800 at 10k pace. However, given that I was running on the grass track (GT) in Norman--which runs more like a cross-country course than a road or an actual track--it was unanimously agreed upon that I should adjust the times considerably. According to Jilane and Jordan, the conversion from the GT to mondo is about 12-16 secs per mile, or 3-4 secs per 400. So while I was originally supposed to do the workout at 2:50-2:55 pace, we agreed that I should aim closer to 3:00-3:05 to simulate the desired effort.

Jordan and I picked up Scotty D and parked at the OU track to wog over to the GT. Relative to what I was expecting, the wind wasn't much of a factor (after the legendary stories of borderline tornadic winds in this completely exposed area, I was fearing the worst). Jordan and Scotty's plan was to run 400 repeats and then run my 800s with me as their recovery. Yeah, not demoralizing at all. However, it ended up working really well for all parties involved and I greatly appreciated their help.

I ran the first interval in 3:03 and then basically locked into that pace for the next several. It worked best to wog another 400m lap in between (and put each rest segment in the 2:00-2:10 range, which was just about right), so they usually rejoined me on the last 20 meters of my jog and then led me through the next interval. By the third or fourth, I started to feel vaguely nauseous, and the feeling never really abated during the workout. Pro: I kinda forgot about my throbbing legs. Con: I kinda wanted to vomit. That said, I was able to gradually squeeze down the pace throughout the run and finished up the last interval in sub-3:00.

On the jog home, we ran through a local park and stumbled upon a "water park" of sorts. It was basically a glorified sprinkler system with various showers and hoses for all the neighborhood kiddos to play in (see Jordan's page for a sweet pic). Ignoring the confused and slightly alarmed looks of all the parents nearby, the three of us jumped right in and spent some quality time cavorting in the water. My shoes were a bit waterlogged for the rest of the run home, but it was well worth it. After arriving back at OU, we spent some solid time stretching on the track and trying to keep the legs loose.

Overall, I was pleased with this workout. I wish my stomach had been more cooperative, as I feel I could've gone a bit faster, but given that and the conditions of the terrain it was a solid effort. Great to have company too, even if they did make me look like a jogger by comparison.