Saturday, June 21, 2008

Dad's Day (Belated) 5k

35 min w/up, 5k (23:20), 10 min c/d
68:20 (~8.5 miles)

Since my parents are in town to visit me one last time before I move, my dad wanted me to run the Dad's Day 5k with him. Granted, Father's Day was last weekend, but apparently the race management chose to move it a week later this year in hopes of increasing attendance. Since I was pretty stiff and sore from my first week of actual training, I was perfectly content to wog the run at my dad's pace. My schedule called for a 4/4 double, but because I knew I'd be spending the entire day with my parents, I opted to combine. This was the second time in a week I've done so, and hope to minimize occasions like this going forward.

At any rate, the race was pretty brutal even at wog pace. It was sunny, hot and humid, and the race was run primarily on the streets and interstate access road adjacent to Texas Stadium. The only redeeming factor was that the race started and finished on the stadium 50-yard-line, something I probably would've appreciated marginally more if I actually cared about the Cowboys or organized sports in general. That said, I enjoyed spending the time with my dad and am grateful that running is something we can share together. Looking forward to a solid 10-miler tomorrow to cap off my first week.

To paraphrase something I told Jilane yesterday: "Basically we're going to be pretty sore and tired for a month or two. But then we'll be skinny, hot, fit badasses and it'll all be worth it."