Monday, June 23, 2008

Early Morning Run

52 mins.
~7 miles

I was slightly confused when my alarm went off at 5:55 this morning, as I couldn't initially recall why I needed to get up at such an unorthodox hour (thank goodness I don't have a real job, otherwise 5:55 would probably be standard). After a few groggy moments, I realized I was meeting Cindy for an early run before she headed to work. Our schedules have been off the past few weeks so we haven't had an opportunity to meet up, and I was looking forward to catching up with her on an easy run.

In order to meet her on "our corner" near Camp Bowie and Rivercrest CC, I had to run basically two miles uphill along the golf course. If I wasn't already awake, that did it. We met and headed down Hidden Road to the levee. The pace was relaxed, the air was--dare I say it--cool, and the conversation was entertaining as always. I'll miss this girl when I'm in the ATL.

We parted ways at the corner of White Settlement and Crestwood, and then I was home to get ready for my last trip to Norman before the big move.