Sunday, May 9, 2010

Week in Review

73 miles
20 mins. pool
4.0 GPA
4 AFDs

Although this week was as busy and chaotic and jam-packed as the weeks when I'm traveling and racing, I thoroughly enjoyed my graduation and all the surrounding festivities. It was great to visit with the Nedlo parentals, if for only a short time, and I'm excited to see them again in a few weekends when they swing back to the Queen City for D2 Nationals. I ate more meals out this week and probably consumed more "bad" foods than I have in all of 2010 combined, and I have to say that it felt awesome. As far as running goes, I struggled to get back on track after last weekend's disappointing effort at Stanford, but I'm very pleased with my weekend long run and eager to put in some quality training next week.

One more thing to mention is that we had our iron tested on Wednesday and just received the results. I was stoked to see my number at 44, which is a continuation of the steady improvement I've seen since I began supplementing last summer. (My baseline was 18, then 26, then 36 and now 44.) I'm almost to my self-imposed goal of 50 and I hope that this increase will continue to allow me to train harder and see improvements in my overall level of energy.

Finally, a quick shout-out to Simon and Maraya, both of whom posted provisionally qualifying marks for Nationals this weekend. Simon is definitely high enough on the list to get in (currently ranked 7th in the 1500 with his time of 3:48.4), and Maraya is likely to make the cut in the 800 (13th on the list with 2:12.3) unless a handful of girls put in a late game surge at some last chance meets this weekend. Adding them to those of us who have already qualified automatically (myself, Tanya and Mike), it looks like Queens is shaping up to have a formidable presence at the meet later this month.