Friday, May 7, 2010

Skirts! Graduation! Craziness!

AM: 59 mins. (8 miles)
PM: Graduation

A couple things of note for today: Tanya and I wore skirts on our run, and I graduated. Why skirts, you ask? I say ask not why, but why not. I'm expecting a call from Brooks any day now to model in their next catalog. Will keep you posted.

My parents arrived on a jet plane near 2 in the PM, so Jordan and I picked them up and grabbed a quick lunch before the graduation festivities began. The ceremony was held on the front lawn of Queens at 7pm, and it was a tasteful--if exceedingly warm--affair. (I should point out for those of you who don't know that I'm technically not graduating until the end of the summer, as I have one final course to complete, but I sure pulled one over on the Queens faculty and staff tonight.) Once the ceremony and my profuse sweating concluded, I met a bunch of my cohorts at Dilworth Neighborhood Grill for laughter and spinach dip. It was a late night and a fun one to spend with friends and family.

Jenny, me, Michael and Christopher. We are now masters of stuff!