Friday, May 21, 2010

More Recovery

Friday, 5/21
AM: 8.5 miles
PM: The Girl With the Dragon Tattoo with Caitlin

Thursday, 5/20
AM: 4 miles
Dr. Duffy
PM: 8 miles

I'm surprisingly not sore from Wednesday's unusually speedy (for me) workout, though I have to admit my legs feel a bit drained. It didn't take much convincing for me to scrap my planned Friday double and meet Caitlin for a movie instead (in subtitles, no less--how smart are we?!). After the movie we talked strategy for tomorrow's Great Harvest Bread Co. 5k down in Ballantyne, as we plan to run it together. I'm using the race as my "3 mile uptempo" workout and, more importantly, a chance to score double points--double points, people!--for the RFYL Grand Prix series. And let's be honest, the free Great Harvest bread samples afterward don't exactly hurt either. We agreed that, given the rumored toughness of the course (supposedly lots of hills and turns), we would start at a conservative 5:50 pace and then see how things felt from there. I don't need to hit any specific pace for my uptempo and will be fine with anything ranging from 17:30 to 18:30 for tomorrow's effort. If the predicted thunderstorms hold off, it should be a fun way to start the weekend.


Anonymous said...

Hey, where's The Girl With the Dragon Tattoo playing? The Manor? Saw the trailer recently and it looked really good.

Good luck tonight!