Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Early Week Recovery

Tuesday, 5/18
AM: 59 mins. (8 miles)
PM: 3 miles

Monday, 5/17
AM: 4.5 miles
PM: 5.5 miles

Lots of easy, slow running to start out the week. On Monday I accompanied Jordan on a work field trip to the Raleigh/Durham/Chapel Hill area. We were hoping to get in our afternoon run at a new venue, but it was absolutely pouring cats and dogs at our desired go time. We made a game time decision to drive back to Charlotte in hopes that the weather would abate by our return. (This also meant we would be starting our run well after 8pm, but I suppose this can't hurt since all my Nationals races take place at or near my normal bedtime.) Our strategy paid off, and we were able to get in a short Freedom Park loop sans rain. Tuesday was more wogging, only this time at McAlpine with Jenna and Maraya. I've got one final big workout tomorrow, so I took today extra easy in preparation.