Sunday, May 30, 2010

Post-Nationals Recovery

AM: 5-5.5 miles

Last night was a late one due to the meet, and this morning was an early one due to taking my parents to the airport. As a result of that (and probably, you know, the 15k worth of racing I completed within the past 48 hours), I was tired and heavy-legged on my short recovery run late this morning. I could tell Jordan wanted to put in a medium loop, but by the time we ran up Kings toward Selwyn I knew I was toasted. Instead, we looped back down Westfield to the bike path and trotted home at a leisurely clip. I plan on nothing else for the rest of the day except perhaps some time at the pool and a glass of wine or two. Time to relax and enjoy some much-needed recovery for the next few days.


KG said...

congrats on a great weekend of racing. well done!