Wednesday, May 5, 2010


Wednesday, 5/5
AM: 58 mins. (8 miles)
PM: 3 miles

Tuesday, 5/4
AM: 5.5 miles
PM: 20 mins. pool
15 mins. core
3 miles

I can already hear Jordan telling me that lumping two days into one post is cheating, and I respect his opinion on that. But it's been a busy week and I'm trying to get the apartment all nice and spiffed up before the parentals arrive for my graduation, so cut me some slack. Besides, there's not much to report. I've felt slow and sluggish this entire week, no doubt due to a combination of the race, the weekend travel and the swamplike humidity that we're experiencing in lovely Charlotte right now. Wednesday was honestly the first time since Stanford that I've felt like myself. I've got a big mile repeat session on tap tomorrow night so hopefully the recovery trend will continue.