Sunday, April 25, 2010

Week in Review

72 miles
20 hours in the van
12.5 laps at Penn
18 hours of Team MJ togetherness

Another crazy, exhausting, roller coaster of a week is officially in the books. I think it's pretty obvious that I view this week as a mixed bag; on the one hand, I screwed up the 5k at Penn and didn't get in any hard workouts, but on the other hand I qualified for Nationals, felt strong on my hard long run and of course enjoyed a much-needed Team MJ reunion.

Looking ahead, it doesn't appear that things will slow down in the immediate future. I'm leaving for California on Thursday with Tanya, Mike and Pezz (Simmons and Futsum to join us Friday) for Stanford Round 2 (aka the Payton Jordan Invite). Tanya and I will be running the 10k, both shooting for USA Outdoor Nationals qualifying times (that's 33:45 "A" standard, 33:55 "B"). For Tanya it's almost a given, but I'll have to run the race of my life to dip below 34 minutes. I'm hoping the Stanford track will be as magical as it was last time and come through for me.

Oh yeah, and somewhere along the way I'm supposed to finish up my remaining two papers for school, then get ready for my graduation and a visit from the parentals the following weekend. And I'm sure I'll be working at RFYL somewhere in there too. The fun, it never stops. Here's to another busy week!