Saturday, April 10, 2010

JCSU Invitational

AM: 5.5 miles
PM: 3 mile w/u + strides
Target: 1500m race @don't drop out
Actual: 4:48
10 min. c/d (1+ miles)
Total: 5 miles

So this afternoon was the Johnson C. Smith Invitational, a meet held more or less on our home track. Since this was one of the two "everyone must participate for NCAA reasons" meets on our schedule, it meant that, well, everyone had to participate. Including those of us who'd just done 6-mile predator runs the day before. The nice part is that there were literally no expectations placed on today's performances other than the requirement of finishing, which is a task I thought I could manage. I toed the line for the 1500 with Tanya, Jess, Holly, Patricia and about 15 other girls. Yup, there were a lot of us bunched up on the

Prior to the race Tanya had decided she wanted to run hard. Why not, she reasoned, since it's the only 1500 she'll race all season? I wanted to share her ambitions but just didn't know if it was smart to go all-out during what was turning into my biggest training week of the entire year. Don't get me wrong, it would've been cool to run a fast time, but I just didn't think it was worth it in the big picture sense. So, while Tanya and the other girls spiked up and maintained a semblance of seriousness on the warmup, I opted for flats and a more lackadaisical attitude. I was pretty sure I didn't wa
nt to finish last, but beyond that I wasn't setting the bar too high.

Tanya solo-ing her way to a 1500m PR

Predictably, Tanya shot out like a rocket from the start. (She would end up clocking 68 for her first lap, quite a bit faster than her goal of 72.) I sort of remained bunched up in the pack, content to tuck in with those around me for the majority of the race. I passed through 800 meters in 2:34, comfortable but noticing the lingering effects of yesterday's workout in my heavy legs. There would be no sprint finish from me. While Tanya kicked her way to a very respectable 4:28 (which works out to about a 4:47 mile and--this part should be embarrassing for other D2 1500-meter runners--puts her in second place on the current national performance list), I was still halfway around the track shuffling my way home. Miraculously, I passed almost everyone else in the race--or rather, they passed me going backwards--and ended up finishing in third place overall. My 4:48 finish time indicated that I'd evenly split the race down to each 400 meters, which I suppose is somewhat of an accomplishment. More importantly, I was able to not get last while preserving my legs and lungs for another day.

Best part of the afternoon? I made off with a bag of bagels, three bananas, five granola bars and an almost full jar of peanut butter (the kind with honey!) from the team's snack stash. Shhhhh...don't tell. Totally redeemed the time spent at the meet.


Unknown said...

Nice job! I'm always full of glee when I come away from races with lots of awesome free snacks too, so I applaud you for being to productive!