Thursday, April 15, 2010

Standard Recovery

Thursday, 4/15
AM: 8.5 miles
PM: 3 miles

Wednesday, 4/14
AM: 9 miles
PM: 2-2.5 miles

Lots of easy recovery running the past two days. Highlights include accompanying Jenna out to McAlpine on Wednesday morning so that she could tackle her own mile repeat workout (unfortunately she had a staff meeting on Tuesday and couldn't work out with Tanya, Pezz and me). She averaged mid-5:40's for the first three and brought the last one home in 5:36, which made for one of her best workouts of the spring.

I feel guilty even counting my mileage for Tuesday afternoon, as it was undoubtedly the slowest I've run in, well, probably ever. I made an attempt to pinch hit for Jordan at Let Me Run since he was running late on his return trip from DC, and as a result my "mileage" consisted solely of jogging with a motley crew of 10-year-old boys. There was also plenty of walking and an occasional water break thrown in for good measure. A few of the kiddos were actually maintaining a respectable clip, but I spent most of my time making sure the stragglers got from point A to point B without being kidnapped or sustaining any bodily harm (which, to be honest, I pretty much failed at considering that one of them somehow managed to trip and fall on the greenway--fortunately he directed his downward motion toward the grass and thus the injury was minimal). As much as I am anti-kid I have to admit that for the most part they were a well-behaved and enjoyable bunch.