Monday, February 1, 2010

Mud Wrestling at McAlpine

AM: ~5.5 miles
20 mins. core/strength
PM: 7 miles

Good news: Most of the snow is melting at McAlpine. Bad news: The entire park is now a slushy, muddy, watery mess. Yes, to my chagrin, it was just as slow going as yesterday, only throw in some mud-splattered shorts and filthy shoes for good measure. In some parts the trail was still snowy and mushy, making for terrible footing, and the spots that had melted were just yucky. Overall this made for quite a bit of frustration and not too much fun.

Muddy feet, legs and apparently butts post-run

On the bright side, I need to give a shout-out to Tanya, my running partner for today's slog at McAlpine. She ran 16:13 at UW on Saturday, placing 2nd overall, and completely decimating her previous PR (which I think was around 16:50). Huge props for a job well done.