Saturday, February 6, 2010

Saturday in the City

AM: 3 miles + strength
PM: 4 miles

After yesterday's race and a fairly late night in the city, it would've been ideal to sleep
in this morning. However, Tanya, Jess and I really wanted to make it back to the Armory for Simon and Nelson's mile race at 10:50, which necessitated a fairly early start to the day. Despite snowstorms all around us, Manhattan somehow managed to dodge the winter precipitation, which meant the streets were clear and dry when we ventured out for an easy shakeout run. It was still windy and very, very cold--I was layered up like a homeless person--but I suppose that's all part of the NYC experience.

Brrr! Jess and me layered up in Central Park

Inside the fountain at Columbus Circle

The girls and I meandered around very slowly, which my weary legs appreciated, stopping every so often to snap a few photos. The turnaround point came before any of us were ready, but we had to get back quickly in time to clean up and make the 45-minute walk/subway/walk trip to the Armory. Turns out the trip was even longer for the boys this morning--they accidentally hopped on the #2 train instead of the #1 and made it halfway to the Bronx before realizing their mistake. They managed to hop off and run the rest of the way to the Armory, making it to their race with a few minutes to spare. Nelson didn't have the best race, clocking 4:18, but Simon ran brilliantly and missed the D2 auto time of 4:09 by an eyelash with 4:09.24. I know he would've liked to hit the mark, but I'm confident he'll make the cut with this provisional time.

Keeping it cool on the subway

Coach Simmons, TZ, Mad, Oz and Becky taking in some Armory action

After the morning race excitement subsided, I took a short walk from the Armory to Ozzie and Becky's place on 175th. Becky had graciously offered to cook brunch for me, Ozzie, and fellow Brown alums Madeleine and Pat, which meant that pancakes and eggs were soon enjoyed by all. Before long it was time for me to ride back downtown so that I could get in another easy run, shower, and then head back up to the Armory to watch Tanya race the mile. (Yes, it would've been easier to just bring my clothes to Oz and Becky's but no, I'm not that smart.)

I ventured out for my second Central Park run of the day solo (Dad, don't tell Mom) and had a great time. Despite the weather--neither the wind nor the cold had abated much since the morning--there were tons of people out and about, and I enjoyed every minute of this relaxed (read: slow as molasses) jaunt. An hour later I found myself back at the Armory to watch Tanya. She ran well, clocking another automatic qualifying time of 4:53 despite hoping to run a bit faster, capping off
a solid showing by Queens Track and Field at the New Balance Invitational.

Apparently Oliver Coconut is a full-blown alcoholic

The remainder of the evening was spent hanging out with Pat, Oz, Becky, and their beloved bird Oliver Coconut back on 175th. We rallied for a trip downtown later to meet up with Madeleine and her bro, which made for my second night in a row of a post-midnight bedtime. Crazy, right? Better get to bed so I can enjoy a Central Park long run in the morning.


Great times with great friends--no better way to spend a Saturday night!


Mad said...

2 thumbs up to a great race and a fun weekend!