Sunday, February 7, 2010

Central Park Sunday

85 mins. (~11.5 miles)

This run was hands down the best way to close out our spectacular weekend in New York. For the first time since our arrival, we didn't embark on our run until after 10am and were greeted by blue skies and sunshine upon stepping outside. All seven of us plus Coach Simmons met in the lobby and headed over to Central Park together before going in separate directions to enjoy the gorgeous morning. I ended up doing the majority of the run with Tanya--I was supposed to meet up with Ozzie but through some sort of miscommunication we completely missed each other--and we ambled along at a relaxed pace for the entire run. Our desire for soft surfaces kept us on the bridle path the entire time, which made for lots and lots of loops, but the scenery was charming and the people watching was entertaining, so neither of us minded.

After showers and lunch it was time to head to the airport, so we all headed outside to hop into what we assumed would be two c
abs. Instead, we were greeted by the following...

Ballin'. Whatever that means.