Wednesday, February 17, 2010

All By Myself

AM: 53 mins. (7 miles)
PM: 15 mins. ellip.
60 mins. weights + core

So I got up at the usual Wednesday morning hour of 5:15, stumbled bleary-eyed into the bathroom to get dressed, then dragged my uncooperative body over to the Dowd to meet the CRC group...aaaaand no one was there. Or at least, not one of the 10 or so CRC people I know well enough to recognize in the semi-darkness. I couldn't believe it. Not sure if I missed out on a group-wide memo or something? At any rate, I immediately got back in the car and headed home, where Jordan was doing his part to keep the bed warm in my absence. An hour of sleep later, I woke up refreshed and took in some easy miles on the bike path and around Freedom Park.


caitchris said...

Ha I know Jay and I weren't there but Justin and a couple other cool cats were. ... maybe you were inside and they were outside??? Sad that you missed them but glad you got to sleep more!!!!

mrn said...

hmmm i'm not sure what happened...maybe i forgot to put my contacts in?!?! haha no worries, i'll see you guys next week!