Thursday, February 11, 2010

Sleeping In

AM: 61 mins. (8.5 miles)
PM: 3 miles + strength

I set my alarm last night with the best of intentions. When it rudely awakened me at 5:15, I rolled over and asked Jordan if he wanted to get up. His reply: "You're the one who set the alarm." With the ball in my court, I turned the offending object off immediately and we fell back into a delicious slumber until 7:30.

It. Felt. Awesome.

Don't get me wrong; I missed running with the CRC crew at the Dowd. But it was toe-numbingly cold this morning and I didn't have to go in to work today, so there really was no compelling reason to rise before the sun. Instead, Jordan and I caught a few more zzz's and then embarked on what he has termed the "medium Freedom Park loop" shortly after 8am. We've both been busy this week and haven't spent much time together, so it was nice to have an hour to ourselves while putting in a few miles.