Saturday, February 20, 2010

Breakfast of Champions

AM: 6+ miles

After yesterday's weight lifting session and predator run, followed by a fun girls' night of sushi and wine, I had no ambitions for this run other than taking things super easy. I planned to meet some of my Queens OCOMM peeps at the Original Pancake House for a quick breakfast before heading to work--they were running the Cupid's Cup 5k that had been rescheduled from last week due to the weather--which meant I had to be up and at 'em fairly early. I set out on a familiar loop through Freedom Park and intentionally left the watch behind, expecting the legs to be moving at a glacial pace. Surprisingly, I felt pretty chipper and the run passed before I knew it. It didn't hurt that the Cupid's Cup was taking place not far from the East Blvd. intersection of the park, which meant I spent several miles being entertained by the pre-race music and the throng of participants
milling about before their run. The cinnamon almond french toast and coffee I enjoyed shortly after provided the perfect energy boost for a long day of slinging shoes.

L to R: Bess, Bill, moi, Kim, Jason, Jenny and David
Queens' finest!