Saturday, February 27, 2010

More Manhattan Shenanigans

AM: 48 mins. (~6.5 miles)
PM: Travel

A mere 12 hours after my race, I was out the door with Maraya and Simmons to enjoy a recovery run in Central Park. We had the option to run on our own this morning in case some people preferred the treadmill, but I'm 0 for 3 in outdoor runs since arriving here and was dying of cabin fever. Unfortunately, we made the mistake of taking the subway to Central Park instead of running there--the sidewalks were mostly plowed and vehicle traffic was at a minimum, but we weren't counting on that--which meant that our transit t
ime nearly eclipsed our run time. I'm against that in principle but I knew Simmons and Maraya weren't looking to get in more than 30-45 minutes au pied, so I took one for the team and obliged them.

20 inches later, this is what Central Park looks like...

Once we arrived at the park via Columbus Circle, it was readily apparent that even the native New Yorkers had been itching to get back outside. Throngs of runners, cyclists, dog walkers, and even a few cross-country skiers and snowshoe-ists paraded up and down the park's main thoroughfares. Someone (likely many someones) did a stellar job of plowing the main paved loop, and since our beloved bridle path was impassible we were relegated to the roads throughout this jaunt. Simmons turned back after about 15 minutes but Maraya and I completed an entire loop, gradually picking up the pace as the minutes ticked by. My legs felt fine today--too fine, actually, for having just raced, which is yet another indicator that I didn't perform up to par last night--and I would've been perfectly content to run another loop in the midst of the park's snowy wonderland had time allowed. But, alas, the hotel checkout and a promised brunch with Mad & Co. awaited me back at the Affinia, so I begrudgingly returned home with the other two.

It ended up being worth it an hour later when Made
leine, her brother Tom, Becky and myself sat down for brunch at the iconic Tick Tock Diner in Midtown. Tell me anywhere else in New York where you can enjoy a stack of carrot cake pancakes with cream cheese frosting and a cup of coffee for under 10 dollars. Go on, I dare you. That's what I thought. To steal a recap from Mad's blog (which I cannot link you to because she is super important and thus shares her musings only with the privileged few): "The food was great, the carrot cake pancakes were magical. Conversation was awesome, ranging from the predictable but oh-so-delicious Craig Lake bashing, to my fabulous cousin Patrick who lives in Soho and has a ram coat, to my brother's plans to have a spectacular hair cut by his stylist, Robert, all while having a glass of wine or two. It was great. I think we may have scared Meagan and Becky. Anyway, it was a great brunch. And we made Meagan late. Oops."

Mad, Becky and me eagerly awaiting our tasty treats

No harm no foul on making me late, as the Queens team still arrived at the airport with two hours to spare (somewhere the elder Nedlos are beaming with pride). Another fun, crazy, unpredictable, one-of-a-kind weekend in NYC is successfully in the books.


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