Sunday, June 27, 2010

Week in Review

51.5 miles
1 day off
1 afternoon at the pool
3? AFD's (oops)

I'm finishing up my second "down" week feeling rested and refreshed and ready to get back to some serious training. That was the sole purpose of my time off, and I feel like I've accomplished the goal. After this 5k debacle with Tim next Tuesday, I plan to sit down with Coach Simmons and really talk through the next month or so of training. I'm excited to build on my current fitness and hopefully position myself for some new road PR's in the fall.

Also, I need to get my diet back on track. Most people tend to slim down during bathing suit season, but apparently I'm determined to do the opposite. This week was filled with too much wine, too many fried pickles and dare I say too many chocolate covered peanut butter pretzel sandwiches. (If you haven't tried them, don't. You'll never be able to reclaim your life again.) So yeah, next week I'm back on the wagon.