Sunday, June 27, 2010

Perfect Sunday

AM: 73 mins. (10 miles)

Some people might contend that Saturday is the best day of the week. As for me, I'd pick Sunday in a heartbeat. There's nothing better than waking up early for a long run, gorging on a post-run breakfast, then spending the rest of the day relaxing with friends or perhaps lounging at the pool. This Sunday, which was no exception, began with Jordan and I meeting Paul and Billy Shue at McAlpine for a run. Admittedly my "long" run these days isn't anything exceptional, but my legs felt surprisingly springy from the outset and I have no doubt I could've gone another few miles if need be.

We finished up the run at Paul's house, which is conveniently located a half mile from Old Bell, where his wife was hard at work cooking up a traditional English breakfast in preparation for the England v. Germany game. Most of us enjoyed the next few hours with friends (Paul, on the other hand, spent the majority of the time rocking back and forth with his head in his hands) before heading our separate ways. Jordan and I spent the rest of the afternoon watching track and soccer (and I may have snuck in a quick catnap), then later in the afternoon headed over to my co-worker and friend Ben's house for a cookout and slip 'n slide party. (No, I didn't partake in the latter, but maybe next time I'll bring my suit.) All in all this was an awesome Sunday and a great way to cap off the weekend.


caitchris said...

wow you really did miss out on the slip-n-slide! best ever!!!