Sunday, June 13, 2010

Week in Review

64 miles
9 laps at the Boston Twilight 5k
2 days in Boston
5 AFDs

This week was pretty lackluster for obvious reasons, not the least of which including my loss of dignity to Mike DeCoste. If nothing else I am finally able to pronounce closure on this roller coaster year of running. I've had some crazy highs and devastating lows, but overall my final two semesters at Queens have exceeded my greatest expectations. Looking back at where I was before the beginning of the indoor season, barely healed from an autumn of unrealized goals, I never expected to come so far in such a relatively short period of time. After placing fifth at Indoor Nationals and earning my first All-American title, I said in this blog that I would be a different runner going forward. A runner with bigger dreams, with higher expectations, with loftier goals. Now, several months and several more All-American honors later, I want to reaffirm that statement. The person I was two years ago, or even a year ago, was perfectly content to be a mediocre local runner and not confident enough to believe she could dare to hope for anything better. Today, I can both celebrate how far I've come and acknowledge how much farther I have to go in order to truly take things to the next level. I have no idea if that will ever happen--for all I know, my fastest times are now behind me, just a few fleeting moments in an expanse of otherwise unremarkable performances--but at least now I can honestly say I believe in myself and I'm committed to working as hard as I can to make those dreams reality.

But first, I'm taking a few days off. And eating some ice cream. Peace.


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a well earned break indeed Meagan! Hopefully you'll come out all guns blazing the other side in your quest for that 'next level'. Congrats on a great season